Today is a special post as we collaborate with Africa Legal and BARBRI International (‘BARBRI’), to bring you two articles that international students may very well benefit from when considering their legal careers. In an increasingly competitive legal industry, it is worth students considering qualification in multiple jurisdictions.

The following articles give insight into the benefits of qualifying in multiple jurisdictions from lawyers that are dual qualified. It is definitely worth the consideration:


Africa Legal 

Africa Legal is a platform that seeks to make it easier for African legal professionals to access the latest jobs, news and access digital courses in one place.

It aims to bring visibility to all Pan-African professional markets to grow careers and create opportunities.

For members Africa Legal provides a simple and easy way to apply for a wider range of jobs in your field, training courses that utilise the latest digital learning technology and access to the latest news and insights.

For clients Africa Legal provides one platform to recruit, profile their brand, share news and upskill professional community.

As an international student, this platform will prove very beneficial, as it gives you access to an awareness of the African legal market. This always helps in an interview, as it shows a commercial awareness of different legal markets. Additionally, if you do want to engage in work in Africa, Africa Legal is the go to platform to  gain a deeper understanding into the Africa Legal market. 


BARBRI International

BARBRI prepares non-U.S. trained lawyers and law graduates for the New York and California Bar examinations. They have helped more than 1.3 million lawyers worldwide to pass a U.S. Bar examination. Passing a U.S. state bar exam and becoming an American attorney add valuable credentials to your C.V. or resume and give you the capability and expertise to work with international clients, deal with cross-border transactions, and understand the differences between U.S. and international law. BARBRI also helps qualified lawyers break into the UK legal system as well. 

As an international student that seeks to qualify in multiple jurisdictions, this is definitely the programme for you.

Ikenna Henry Onyebuchi

Ikenna Henry Onyebuchi

Hello there! I am Ikenna Henry Onyebuchi, a graduate from the University of Exeter with an LLB Law degree. I am currently on a Career Commitment Scholarship, studying at BPP University Law School, enrolled on the Legal Practice Course, with the combined master’s in law degree. I am also currently in search of a training contract to embark on my journey to becoming a solicitor in England, and I will be sharing my journey through BAME Nation!

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