Hello there! So we recognise that after the struggle of passing the application stage, students can often feel lost and so may not know which questions to prepare for. If you do not know anyone to ask, this can feel even worse. With that, here is your safe deposit of interview questions that we have been asked across various law firms at the interview stage.

The key is to have a rough idea of what could come up. It isn’t advisable to try and memorise every single question and stick to a script. That will only cause panic on the day if you are asked a question that you are not prepared for (this will happen at some point – the key is to  pause, think, then answer slowly).



What is being tested: Understanding of the Industry/What Commercial Law Entails

What do you understand about the role of a commercial solicitor?

Why have you chosen to pursue a career in commercial law?

What excites you about commercial law?

What do you understand the role of a trainee to be in comparison to that of a partner?

What does the day to day job of a trainee entail?


What is being tested: Understanding of the Firm

Why commercial law at [firm]?

As a client, why would you choose [firm]?

Who are [firm’s] competitors and what areas are they in competition with the firm in? (here I wouldn’t only compare the firm you are applying to its competitors but come back and highlight why the firm stands out amongst the rest).

What in the news have you been following and how does it affect [firm]?

What other firms have you applied to?

Are there any deals that [firm] has carried out and how has that informed your decision in applying to [firm]?


Competency-Based Questions

These are questions that call on you to show that you have the skills required to work at the firm.

When have you worked in a team where people’s/a person’s priorities didn’t align with yours?

When have you done more than what was required of you?

When have you shown strong organisational skills and had to organise your time effectively?

When has your organisational skills let you down?

When have you taken initiative?

When you have to complete a lot of tasks, how do you normally complete them (in what order)?

When have you shown business acumen?

When have you acquired a new skill and what was it?

When have you done something differently to help teammates?

When have you worked in a team where you were working with people that did things differently from how you normally do them?

When have you shown resilience?

Is there any other thing we need to know that would be relevant to your application?  

You might also be required to think about an unseen scenario based question. This can be anything, so don’t worry too much about it. Try and think about what the most professional thing to do would be in a workplace. However, the question below is an example of what could come up. 


Example Scenario-based Question

“You come in on Monday 9 am to a long list of “to dos” for other associates. A client sends an urgent email to your partner copying you. You cannot reach your partner, and he is due to return in the evening. At the same time, there is a lunch seminar that you need to attend, which you already postponed previously?”

What do you do? 

Who would you talk to?



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