About Us

What are we? 

We are BAME Nation, a digital platform that looks to bridge the gap between aspiring lawyers of international and BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic groups) background and the legal industry.

We act as a platform that produces, facilitates and promotes the voices of young and talented aspiring lawyers and lawyers alike of international and BAME backgrounds. 

Our Why 

We want to help international and BAME aspiring lawyers understand the process of breaking into the legal industry in England & Wales.

We want to equip students of international and BAME backgrounds with the practical and commercial knowledge of how the legal industry operates.

How do we achieve this?

Our main method is through writing short articles that provide information on topics aspiring lawyers may be interested in (e.g. “how to answer a ‘why law’ question). We also write articles on the happenings in the business world and how that impacts the legal industry. 

Through our “Dear Law student” section we encourage lawyers and aspiring lawyers alike to submit entries about their journeys to inform aspiring lawyers. We facilitate contributors that have valuable information to offer our audience.   

We also engage with our audience in other ways, such as through hosting webinars with legal professionals, vlogs and featuring on podcasts.

What makes us different?

We have an international student focus. Migrating to a new country to start a career can be very daunting. We are here to carry you along!

We focus on the two routes of becoming a lawyer. Yes, that means the Bar route too! 

We recognise that there isn’t much guidance around the Bar route for international and BAME students, with much more focus given to the solicitor route. We are here to change that!

We focus on mindfulness! The legal career is a very demanding one, so we look to provide students practical ways on how to keep up a good mental health regime when embarking on a legal career.

Welcome to BAME Nation!